Sunday, August 11, 2013


Hey guys and gals - new visitors, friends, AV Clubbers, people who may or may not have stumbled upon this humble blog, etc - this is the birthplace of the Project Runaways blog.

Cheers to einosunshine for naming the blog.  I thought it was catchier than what I had thought of.

This is more of a community blog, complete with Disqus commenting (which most of you have if you moved on to The Dissolve or The Gameological Society).  I wrote this first post as a comment over on AV club, and spruced it up a little more for here.  I'll probably do next week's, and then pass it off to a series of special guest writers.  As a side note, when I'm posting, I hope to get the post up by 2am PST (or 5am EST) on Friday.  It may be earlier depending on the time zone of the guest writer.

Notice that the blog currently is cheap looking.  Yeah.  It's summer in Seattle, and I didn't spend more than an hour figuring out how to integrate everything into the blog, and making the colors not eye gouging to me.  This is the post for you to critique, bitch about, and otherwise make suggestions to the look and style of the blog.

Pass the word on as you can.  Especially to people you know who would make valuable commenters.

This blog will not be monetized (at least not yet).  It's free, and I'm just trying to re-develop my blogging habits.  In other words, constructive criticism welcome on my posts!

Oh, and I'll probably be starting another blog or three, and they'll be linked in the sidebar.  Along with any blogs from other writers or friends of the blog.

Have fun!  And, thanks for reading.

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