Thursday, October 24, 2013

Project Runway S12 E15: "Reunion"

Dear readers, I'm sorry.  I didn't realize there would be a reunion special.  It is really trying to recap a recap.  I mean, the majority of the episode was

Tim Gunn: Why were you all such bitches?
[clip showing designers being assholes]
Designers: Who me?
Tim Gunn: Yeah, you. Are you that dense?!

Of all of the Project Runway reunions I have watched, this is one of the most "picking open the wounds" episodes I have seen.

However, there was a really good moment having to do with calling out the producers of the show for the editing, casting and selection.  Unfortunately, Tim Gunn is the host of this episode, and also an executive producer, and also has to come to the defense of the show.  But, I just want to call attention to the segment because it really is showing the lengths that Project Runway is going to try to knock down the criticisms of the viewers.

For seasons, the reviewers have always said that the judges have their favorites and preferred aesthetics. Justin was Tim Gunn's favorite. Alexandria was Heidi Klum's favorite. Helen was Nina Garcia's favorite. This was obvious.  We all know this. 

Tim shows his hand a bit, though. "And, if this show were rigged, Mondo Guerra would have won Season 8."  No. I'm sorry Tim, but that's never EVER been the accusation. The accusation has always been: "If the show was NOT rigged, Mondo Guerra would have won season 8. BECAUSE this show was rigged, Anya Gretchen (thanks Citric for correction) won Season 8, and Mondo Guerra was given a whole new spin off series to win: All Stars."  

Really, any reality show viewer worth their salt recognizes that personalities are put on show in no small part because of their personalities. Within a few episodes we are pretty sure who the last 6 are going to be.  And, the order before that is part due to personalities.

Stray Observations:
- Captain Sassypants' explanation of his anger issues: "I express myself differently."

- Cryface: "I just want to be taken seriously in the industry. And, wait, really?  Oh wait. We can't hire here. She's a drama queen. She breaks down all the time." 

- Drag Eyebrows: "I come from an industry where you get 300-400 hours for a garment and make it to last."

- Captain Sassypants (on regrets): "I would have come into this season with a professional mindset."


Ed's Note:
Project Runway All Stars is moving to Friday evening reviews.  When Season 13 of Project Runway comes back, we'll be back to Thursdays.  If you prefer it to be written up on Thursdays, please leave me a note in the comments.

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