Friday, January 17, 2014

Project Runway All-Stars S3 E11: "Season 3 Reunion Special"

We've made it to the end of Project Runway All-Stars. A season full of mixed outfits, terrible judging (fucking Isaac killed us all), alcohol and a high-concept finale.

But, really, almost all of the drama was low-key and manufactured. ZOMG, Elena's crying again. Oh look, one designer "stole" a look from the designer who was helping him out. Oh look, somebody's getting the silent treatment.

With a lack of high explosive drama, what is the reunion special going to be about? You know, besides Curly Moustache Guy's what-the-fucking-fuck-is-that?? oh-honey-you're-trying-too-hard sweater. Seriously, it's near the tackiest and ugliest thing I think I've seen on this show, including Jeffrey's avant garde outfit. And, this is what you're wearing on TV? No.

There are two other look changes of note. Jeffrey has grown a scruffy hipster beard in order to hide his nicknamesake, his necktat. And, Palu has also buzzed his hair, eliminating his kinship to the beloved Pokemon, Pansear. Palu looks more mature, and is kind of hotter. But I also like the punk look. He always looks like somebody kicked his puppy though.

But, in more actual content notes, the reunion special is everything you expect this season's reunion to have.

  • Korto talks about Liberia, and her work there
  • The Viktor and Palu silent treatment is exploded to its own segment
  • Deborah Harry makes a by-phone cameo to say that she really is going to wear Elena's outfit someday
  • Viktor gives his drink dress to Alyssa Milano, who says that she really is going to wear his outfit someday
  • Project Runway fellating itself
  • Alyssa trying to create drama by asking things like "What was your most liked dress?" "What was your most embarrassing moment?" etc
The one thing of note in the reunion special is that Jeffrey's mediocre outfit for the Bonnie & Clyde miniseries was probably not used, but instead he had to make ANOTHER period dress for the Flowers in the Attic miniseries (hopefully with 500% more incest).

Another point of interest is The Simpsons animating all of the dresses that were designed for their challenge (not just that terrible purple dress). And, based on the animation, I think that Palu's, Seth Aaron's and Korto's dress were the top three dresses, with Korto's being my favorite. I still can't get behind the winning garment. But, I'm also not as over-the-moon with Elena's outfit in cartoon land. 

Anyways, stay tuned for Under the Gunn where I try to figure out what the fuck is going on. I think its like The Voice, maybe. But, I don't watch The Voice. If somebody wants to chime in on Under the Gunn, feel free.

Random Observations:
- Today's lesson: "I'm So Excited" should not be said through clenched teeth.

- Alyssa: "Something has happened to Daniel since we last saw him." Me: "He's pregnant too?! That explains the sweatervest."

- Alyssa's hood-in-the-bedroom comment made the final cut!

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